Some of the comments made by participants at the end of the Teaching Pronunciation Differently session given for Tutela, Canada, in spring 2020

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Unsolicited general feedback


I would like to thank you for all your hard work in preparing the course materials and for clearly explaining all the concepts. I really appreciate your dedication to the participants and responding to all our questions in such a timely manner - I don't know how you do it!

A Y, Toronto


I can’t thank you enough for offering such a wonderful TPD course. It’s been very enriching and inspiring for me on so many levels – the theory, practical applications, great treasure chest of resources, student sharing (discussions) and your very attentive responsiveness to our queries, and the underpinnings of The Silent Way and Gattegno’s work. Catford will also be a wonderful resource. I’m looking forward to delving into both Catford and Gattegno.

J G, Ottawa


Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn Teaching Pronunciation Differently. I really enjoyed the format and it was helpful to have time to work at my own pace.

M G, Winnipeg


Thank you for a very informative and interactive session. You exposed me to lots of new information, and made me think about my lack of pronunciation teaching. This lock down is a good time to reflect on how I will do things differently when we are all back in school.

M F C, Toronto


Thank you for all the wonderful sessions. Every week I looked forward to learning something new.

T K, Milton, ON


Thank you so much, both of you, for your dedication, passion and generosity in making this course available to us free of charge.


K M, Ontario

In answer to, "What was the best thing about the session for you?"

The best thing was being exposed to an entirely new approach to teaching pronunciation. I registered for the class because I have always felt that this was a gap in the current approach to ESL classes. And I also felt I needed a better understanding of how to fill that gap. I am excited to continue exploring this approach and to use my new knowledge.

M A B, Saskatchewan

A completely new and necessary angle on what it means to help students build pronunciation skills!

M B, Canada


I think it was understanding the physicality involved in producing stressed syllables and the stuttering exercise that helps students reduce vowels sounds.

J C, Vancouver


The explanation of the Silent Way, personal exploration and discovery, as well as the connection with the respiratory system and the stuttering exercise were extremely valuable. The videos were also very relevant and helpful.

P C, Canada


There were so many! Mostly, I appreciated the flexibility of asynchronous learning, while still receiving feedback and feeling part of a community of learners.
Specific to this course, the concepts that were most helpful were articulatory setting and language production as a physical skill.

S C, Kitchener ON


The theory, video demonstrations and the discussion forums were all equally helpful. I spent a lot of time in the discussions. The student comments really enriched each week's offerings.

J G, Ottawa


I liked different things about the session. It was great that different types of resources and materials (articles, suggested books, videos, the PronSci website, practice, activities) were offered. Even reading other members' comments would answer questions of mine as well, and give me a better understanding. Also, I liked that I could follow the session on my own pace, and go back and check materials and resources at any time.

M G, Ottawa


It is difficult to single something out. I enjoyed this course very much. It was thoroughly planned and the teachers provided additional resources for future work. The teachers were very supportive and very knowledgeable. The approach is very non-traditional, and it resonates with my own thoughts. I always thought of LR approach as not very efficient, but never had enough time to dig into this problem. And here I have found answers.

I K, Toronto


The presenters make an iron-clad case for this approach. They are very confident and know their stuff.

K M, Ontario


I could use what I was learning immediately in the classroom. I wasn't confident to attempt the course exercises with my students although this was suggested a few times by my teachers. But I started giving pronunciation feedback to students that they felt empowered by and that made sense to them.


N W, Winnipeg

In answer to, “What will change in your teaching of pronunciation as a result of participating in TPD?”

I will definitely abandon the traditional ineffective of "Listen & Repeat" approach and explore more the Articulatory Approach to adopt in my pronunciation lessons.

S A, Ontario


I will focus more on what's happening in the mouth, and not have students mimic my model. This will be quite the change for me and the students.

N B, Guelph, ON


I don't think I will ever think about or approach the teaching of pronunciation in the same way again. I'd rather do nothing than go back to the listen and repeat method, so there's only one way forward for me - the silent way.

E C, Saskatoon


The emphasis will change, recognizing that getting better at pronunciation requires more awareness and motor skills, not L&R. Also, more focus on the concepts for better pronunciation.

E C, Calgary


Everything. The last time the "penny dropped" like this was when I completed a Cambridge CELTA having spent the prior 18 months (with zero TEFL training - South Korea ROK's...) picking up bad habits.

C C, Victoria, BC

Quite a bit! In particular, I will try to introduce pronunciation practice much earlier on in the courses I am teaching (when I have the control and leeway to do so), and will be much more conscious of my own speaking time in the class. I will certainly work to develop the habit of letting the students explore, rather than me providing a 'model' of sorts.

S M, Toronto


I will attempt to do an entire pronunciation course just as prescribed here. I feel it's really an 'all-or-nothing' proposal. You can't cherry pick.


K M, Ontario

In answer to, “Is there anything else you would like to add?”

I am very appreciative of this opportunity. Roslyn and Piers you have done a great job of preparing easily understood explanations and videos. You have been very thorough and have provided lots of detail on every aspect. Thank you!

M A B, Saskatchewan


This has been amazing. I am just sorry that I was so distracted by the COVID-19 crisis.

K C, Richmond Hill, ON


I just wanted to thank you for offering this course. Despite having to pivot online and other sudden changes to my personal life during week 3/4 of this course, I was determined to finish this course because it has been such an eye-opening, visceral experience.

J C, Vancouver


I am very grateful for not only the excellent course content, but for all your attentiveness and responsiveness to my queries and the discussion forums. I feel as if I'm just beginning my journey into a new realm of teaching, not only in the Articulatory Approach, but in my approach to teaching in general thanks to the Silent Way. Thank you!

J G, Ottawa


The presenters were wonderfully articulate and professional in putting together this well-thought-through course as well as the methodology behind it.

K H, Kelowna, BC


Thank you both for all of the time and effort you've put into conveying insights gleaned over years of work on these concepts and techniques. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing this and all of the practical tips that you've included. Thanks as well for taking the time to reply to comments and questions - I often learned new things through the exchanges between you and other students in the course.

J H, Vancouver


I really enjoyed the course - it was well put together, the resources were perfect and the facilitators did a tremendous job!

S M, Guelph, ON


I want to thank Roslyn and Piers for such a high level of commitment and dedication - for raising the bar so high when it comes to developing and conducting PD for fellow teachers.

N S, Toronto


It was tremendous! Piers and Roslyn are wonderful educators. I am honoured to have learned from them. Thank you for all that you do for students and teachers around the world! :)


M Y, Vaughan, ON