Some of the comments made by participants at the end of the Teaching Pronunciation Differently session at EVO 2018

EVO (the Electronic Village Online) is a TESOL initiative:

"For five weeks in January and February, TESOL experts and participants from around the world engage in collaborative online discussions or hands-on virtual workshops of professional and scholarly benefit. Sessions are free and open to anyone around the globe."


We ran the Teaching Pronunciation Differently (TPD) session at EVO every year from 2015 to 2019.

Unsolicited feedback from emails at the end of the session

Thank you very much for the  EVO pronunciation course.  I’ve learnt a lot, you’ve challenged my thinking and I’ve got a lot more thinking and learning to do.  I do know that my students will benefit from the ideas and experience you’ve generously shared.

C H, Australia


I'm an EFL teacher in China, and I do a lot of MOOCS and online courses, I'm currently doing the pronunciation module of my DIPTESOL with Oxford TEFL, and your TPD is the best course I have ever completed.  I have learnt so much from it, pronunciation is a problem with Chinese learners, as they rarely have the opportunity to speak the English they are learning.

I'm hoping to try out the techniques I've learnt from your course, thank you for offering the course, I'd highly recommend it to other teachers, and thank you to Roslyn too, as I really enjoyed the videos posted on the course and found them very informative.

J J, Scotland


I cannot express my gratitude enough for having shared your expertise with us, as well as for the time and effort that such accomplished professionals as you, Ros, and Carrie dedicated to this course. The pleasure was all ours.

I assure you that I'll do my best to implement your ideas in my own practice and to spread the word.

You've encouraged me to become the teacher I always wanted to be, in spite of eveything else.

Thank you once more!

R V, Peru


I enjoyed doing the course and thank you, Roslyn and Carrie for having me again this year. I am inspired anew!

L G, Australia


I really enjoyed each lesson.

Thank you very much for guiding me to be a better teacher. 

I know my words can't express how thankful I am ...

Thank you again. 🌹

S H, Oregon


Thank you so much for this course, I learned a lot.

J S, Spain


Thank you so much for giving me this chance to participate in this wonderful course!

M K, Greece


Thanks for a great course! Really changed my thinking. 



Thank you very much for this highly interesting and thought-provoking course and your invaluable work! 

M K-P, Poland


Thanks so much for all your hard work on the course. It was excellent!



Thanks again for a wonderfully insightful course!  I've bookmarked PronSci and will refer to it often.



The course is amazing, I am learning a lot and I really hope to be on time the receive the certificate.

C de C, Brazil


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, techniques, insights, and beliefs about how to teach pronunciation effectively!

A T, France


Thank you very much! It was indeed my pleasure having followed this talented team of experts!

L C, Brazil


Thank you for letting me take part in this EVO Session! It was an enlightening experience, and I was pleased to meet you! You are very welcome and the other moderators as well to come in Greece for your summer holidays! 

M L, Greece


Thank you! It’s been a very enlightening five weeks. I’m so excited to have these new insights into teaching pronunciation and am using the approach in my classes already.



Thank you so much for the work you all put into this course. It has been very interesting and useful in my teaching. 



Firstly, I would like to thank you all for offering such an excellent course. I would have never imagined getting an opportunity to do a course as good as this at no cost. The quality of the material, the service and your responses to every query was impressive and this often left me thinking if this course is really free. I do hope that you continue offering such good courses. I am keen on doing a Teaching Vocabulary course next so please keep me updated.

A B, South Africa


Thanks a lot for this great course. It was very clear and well-organised. I'll go back to it as there are many things I want to read or watch again. It's so precious for my teaching practice.

B M, France


I really appreciate this opportunity you have given me. I found the course was really helpful and thanks to it, I have improved on an area which  wasn't my specialty. 

You have all been wonderful!

Also, I have to say I am very impressed with the fast response with which you reply.

Thanks again,

T C, Canary Islands


Thanks again for the wonderful and highly informative course!  Can't wait to put these strategies into effect in the classroom.

S R, New Zealand


Let me to express my appreciation for "Teaching pronunciation differently":, that was such a valuable resource to improve my own and my students pronunciation.

O V, Russia


Thank you for providing the course. I am really amazed that you (a guru of pron) are sharing all your knowledge with us. You and the other instructors have asserted what I suspected was true of pronunciation but I had no research to back it up. Thanks for doing all the hard work!

D A, Australia


The course was an eye opening experience and I appreciated all the detail introduced.

N M, Belgium


Thank you SO MUCH for the training provided in the TPD course.

I enjoyed it a lot and found it very valuable and inspiring.

Wishing you all the best and hoping for more!

G B-L, Poland


Firstly, many thanks indeed for inviting me to the course. And more importantly, the work you have done, and your time given to help us all. I have learned a lot, but still have more to do as this requires a real change in my approach to pronunciation understanding and teaching. 

E B, England


Thank you for a great course that exposed me to some ideas and teaching approaches that were really new to me and I'm sure will benefit my students. 

L W, Australia


Thank you so much for offering this course online. I’ve learned more from it than I’ve learned from an online class in years, and I am scheduled to give a brown bag presentation at my university on what I learned during this class.



I would like to thank you for a very interesting and enlightening course. I really learnt a lot from it, and enjoyed it immensely. (In fact, I also learnt quite a lot as a language learner -- mostly of Japanese -- as well as from the point of view of an English teacher.) 

J D’A, England

In answer to, “ Is there anything else you would like to add to your feedback?”

I so appreciate the fact that this course was free, that you all seem to love the material so much, and that Ros responded to virtually every post! Many, many thanks!



I truly enjoyed everything about this course. The Silent Method is something that I remember from my graduate classes but we never explored it in detail. It was fantastic to see this model in action and to explore the concepts behind it in depth.



This course has been a real eye opener and has changed the way I provide feedback on pronunciation errors. Gone is the listen and repeat teacher!

D A, Australiz


I would like to add that the teachers, especially Roslyn Young was extremely helpful and rapidly clarified every question there was to answer.

M B, South Africa


I'd like to thank the EVO organizers for giving this opportunity to teachers who cannot afford to pay for training, it is very much appreciated.  Thanks again the TPD moderators for their work and I'd like to tell them please keep offering these courses which are life-changing.

R C, Switzerland


I want to thank the tutors and the group of teacher who made this TPD possible. Specially to the tutors who engaged in the comments and did not overlook them. I felt heard and assisted at all times!

J C, Brazil


I wish I had done this course before doing my DELTA module 2 a couple of months ago, it would have really helped. My teaching of pronunciation improved with the DELTA also, but this course really helped a lot.

J D’A, England


I couldn't thank enough to teachers. They are so dedicated.

Thank you so much.



I started this course at the same time I started a teaching pronunciation course as part of my DIPTesol. this course has been fantastic, informative, and I've learnt so much from it. Thank you for providing this course, I'd highly recommend it to other teachers.

J J, Scotland


I am overwhelmed by the professionalism of our moderators, always ready to answer any questions, provide us with all necessary materials, advice and support. I feel like shouting to every single teacher of English who hasn't taken this course: "Hello, here are the people who can give you all you need to start off teaching pronunciation the right way!" They are like gold for professional and personal development. I'm so grateful that I was given the opportunity to get a free course over 5 weeks, so that it was reasonable to combine with my job and my family. MILLION THANKS TO ALL PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN! :)

E K, Russia


I've learned more from this class than I have from any other online class. Thanks!



I have signed up for various online courses in the past, but this is the first one that I have completed. I have been really drawn into the material as the course developed, and despite having very limited time have felt that the pay-off was worth the effort to find some time. Thank you!

E L, Spain


I'd just like to thank the organisers and the tutors of the sessions, Roslyn Young, Carrie Terry and Piers Messum for making this possible and for sharing their expertise and experience with us. Obtaining a certificate of this session without any cost means that the experts that run this course love what they do, want these great ideas to be widespread, and moreover, are aware that not many teachers have the means to continue their professional development. I'd like to thank you all for encouraging me to try my best to change. It's my turn to encourage my colleagues and superiors to do the same now. Thank you very much.

R V, Peru


Although I'm 62 years old with 36 years of school teaching experience, I've enjoyed the course a lot. I must thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn a new and incredibly useful approach for teaching a foreign language

L T, Italy