The PronSci approach to pronunciation

The mainstream methodology for teaching pronunciation is based on the idea that if the teacher presents the spoken language then the students will learn to pronounce by copying this model.


This is ‘Listen and Repeat’; the normal approach to pronunciation teaching but one which gives disappointing results in the classroom.

In contrast, the starting point for the PronSci approach is how pronunciation is learned. Our methodology was pioneered by Caleb Gattegno 50 years ago and has been continuously developed since then.


Its theoretical base lies in

  • articulatory phonetics
  • an understanding of how motor skills are learned, and
  • an understanding of how children learn to pronounce their mother tongue.


The PronSci approach offers a comprehensive set of materials, techniques and exercises to teach English, French and Spanish pronunciation in a way which allow teaching to grow out of the students’ learning, a process that we call ‘two-way teaching’.


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We have pages on our products and training, and articles explaining the approach in greater detail are available to download.