The PronSci channel on YouTube has teacher training material from EVO and videos of classroom work on English and French.


For example, from EVO 2018 the role that Speech Breathing plays in stress is discussed here, the nature of reduction and how to teach it here, and the English articulatory setting here.


From PSLLT 2021, how to teach schwa using stuttering is here.


At the Accentuate conference at the British Council in February 2015, Piers spoke about how best to prepare students for English pronunciation, working on the fundamentals of how they learn and the systems that underlie English.

At the same conference, Roslyn gave a demonstration of teaching sounds without modelling them herself, using French as an example. (Unfortunately, the first minute of her work with the Rectangle chart was lost.)

Looking beyond pronunciation, Roslyn and Piers have discussed the principles behind the Silent Way, some of which apply to teaching pronunciation. 

Piers spoke about the PronSci Word charts at the 2021 IATEFL conference.

We were pleased to contribute to the making of a film that shows a Silent Way English course in Tokyo over the course of 5 days work.

This is just one of many videos on the site, including analyses of classes taught this way.

We have been interviewed by Fanny Passeport on the subject of How Learning Works.