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teaching how to work in class
theory learning, teaching, pedagogical phonetics
AA the Articulatory Approach
stress how syllables are made prominent
reduction on reduced and weak sounds/syllables
AS articulatory settings
SW Silent Way and Gattegno


The three articles at the bottom of the page are difficult to find in libraries. We have the permission of the late J.C. Catford's family to make his article from 1985 more widely available.


Articles relating to how children learn to pronounce can be found on Piers Messum's website.


Articles by Roslyn Young about Gattegno's model of learning and about teaching English by the Silent Way can be found on her website.


Why we should use a chart and a pointer
teaching - SW
Messum 2018 Speak Out, Why we should use
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.4 MB
How to use a chart and a pointer
teaching - SW
Young 2018 SO59 How to use a chart and p
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Other aspects of using a chart and a pointer
teaching - SW
Other aspects of using a chart and ... .
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Bringing the English Articulatory Setting into the classroom: (1) the tongue
teaching - AA - AS
Messum and Young 2017, Bringing the Engl
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How we learn to pronounce: (1) Young children
Messum 2016 Speak Out, How we learn to p
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Gattegno's Legacy
theory - SW
Young and Messum (2013) Voices 232, Gatt
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Two pronunciation lessons
teaching - AA - reduction
Messum and Young (2013) SO 48, Two lesso
Adobe Acrobat Document 567.0 KB
Teaching the basis of articulation
teaching - AS
Messum (2012) SO 47.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 309.1 KB
Glasgow PCE: Pronunciation masterclass
Messum and Young (2012) SO 47.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 223.1 KB
Teaching pronunciation without using imitation: why and how
theory - AA
Messum (2012) 3rd PSLLT Iowa SU.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 48.7 KB
Non-imitative ways of teaching pronunciation
teaching - theory - AA - stress - reduction
Messum & Young (2012) Non-imitative.pdf
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Teaching pronunciation effectively
Young 2012 TESOL France.pdf
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Fielded Discussion: Non-imitative ways of teaching pronunciation
Selman, Messum and Young 2012 SO46 Repor
Adobe Acrobat Document 471.6 KB
Non-imitative ways of teaching pronunciation - short report
teaching - theory - AA
Messum and Young (2011) SO 45.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 409.5 KB
Understanding and teaching the English articulatory setting
theory - AS
Messum (2010) SO 43.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 601.0 KB
Grounding stress in expiratory activity
theory - stress
Messum (2009) SO 41.pdf
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What if children don't learn to pronounce by imitation? How should we teach older learners?
theory - AA - stress - reduction
Messum (2008) SO 39.pdf
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Autonomy, as soon as possible
Messum (2004) SO 32.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 154.9 KB
Learning and teaching vowels
Messum (2002) SO 29.pdf
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Silent Way
Young (2000) Silent Way.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 485.4 KB
The Push Toward Communication
Higgs and Clifford 1982 (PronSci), The P
Adobe Acrobat Document 643.3 KB
'Rest' and 'Open Transition' in a Systemic Phonology of English
theory - reduction
Catford (1985) Rest and Open Transition
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Articulatory settings
theory - AS
Honikman 1964 (PS-17) Articulatory setti
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