Supporting your teachers and students

For teacher trainers, the PronSci approach and materials allow you to replace book learning about English, French or Spanish pronunciation with language awareness activities. These help your trainee teachers to improve their skills and expertise, and give them practical activities to take back to their classrooms.


If you are a director of studies or a principal at a language school, you will know that students want to improve their pronunciation but that you don’t currently offer what is needed to help them. Courses based on book learning and ‘listen and repeat’ activities aren’t popular or successful.


In contrast, the PronSci approach is engaging and effective. Students like learning pronunciation this way; teachers like teaching this way. You can now offer something that students want, and that they may not find elsewhere.


If you have a responsibility within a national education system, you know that you invest enormous amounts in L2 teaching in your schools. The results for grammar and vocabulary are much better than those for speaking and listening (which are often very poor). The basic problem is that the methodology used in your school classes is wrong.


The PronSci approach and materials will complement whatever you already do for the other language skills. Our methodology will bring the level of performance of your students up to what they have a right to expect, considering the time and effort they spend studying the language.



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