Silent Way charts for Spanish

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With authorisation from Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc., we have revised Gattegno's Silent Way charts for Spanish. We now offer a set suitable for teaching both Castilian and Latin American Spanish.


The new Rectangle chart and Fidel (Spelling chart) are designed specifically for foreign language learners.

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The 'pale lime' colour is pronounced /s/ in Latin American and /θ/ in Castilian Spanish
Spanish - Silent Way Rectangle chart and Fidel

The new Word charts follow Gattegno's gradual unfolding of the language for beginners. The choice of words and the order in which they appear are basically the same as in the originals, but we have improved the layout and made some modifications to the content based on input from experienced Silent Way teachers.

Spanish - Silent Way charts 1 and 2
Spanish - Silent Way charts 1 and 2
Spanish - Numbers
Spanish - Numbers

There is a Rectangle chart, Fidel and 5 Word charts in a full set, and sets are available in 3 classrooms sizes and for individual study. They all come with a full key. Please see here for pricing details.

If you are looking for reliable information about the Silent Way, we recommend Roslyn's website, which has articles in English and French.


This video shows Luisa Piemontese teaching Spanish (using an older version of the charts). Luisa collaborated with us in the creation of the new version of Silent Way Spanish.

Note that Cuisenaire rods and Gattegno's wall pictures for the Silent Way can be purchased through The Cuisenaire Company.