Products, Prices and Training

We produce two types of charts: Silent Way charts for use with true beginners, and PronSci charts for use with students at all other levels.


The set of PronSci charts simultaneously offer an analytic and a synthetic view of English pronunciation. They comprise

  • a Rectangle chart organised along articulatory lines,
  • a Spelling chart (also called a Fidel), which shows the complete relationship between sounds and spelling in English, and
  • sixteen Word charts containing the functional vocabulary of English organised by parts of speech.

The full set can be seen here.

The PronSci charts can be used alongside any approach for teaching grammar and vocabulary, and any textbook.

They are available for British and American English. The British charts are suitable for all varieties of English within the mute-r family (including RP, Australian, New Zealand and South African) and the American charts for all varieties found in North America (including General American and Canadian). This is possible because teachers can assign their own speech sounds to the colours.


For Silent Way charts for English, French and Spanish, see here.


The charts are printed on a tough polyester canvas using matte inks, so they can be seen clearly even if hung on a wall where a glossy poster would suffer from light reflection. They can be rolled for transport and storage.


The charts are available in different sizes suitable for classrooms with more or less wall space and classes with different numbers of students. In general, we recommend using the largest size of chart that you can fit onto the wall space available.


If your wall space is limited, we would not recommend using the small set with more than 5 students, the medium set with more than 12 and the large set with more than 50. 



For English and French charts (PronSci or Silent Way), the prices are as follows:

Set name
Small £110  
Medium £155   
Large £215  
Extra large     poa  

For currency conversion, click here.


Individual sets are available for self study at £9/€10/$12 each. A set contains 3 (French) or 4 (English) A4 cards in colour with 2 B&W keys.


Postage and packing for classroom sets ranges from £20 to £90 depending on the destination. For individual sets, from £3 to £7.


Please contact us to purchase charts.


For Spanish Silent Way charts, all classroom sizes are available, at a single price of £80 (about €95 or $110).


Individual sets for self study cost £4/€5/$6.


We run public training courses in Britain and France from time to time, including one-day introductions to the Articulatory Approach for teachers.


You can read some of the testimonials from our EVO 2018 session here.


Course dates are listed on the News page.


For individual teachers or small connected groups, we also offer bespoke two-day training sessions in Britain and France, followed by recommendations for personal study, and 6 x 30-minute personal sessions over Skype coaching your practice in the class room.

Cost: from €390 (about £335 or $525)


If you are unable to attend in person, we offer a more limited remote training programme which combines personal study with 6 hours of Skype calls to introduce you and up to 3 colleagues to the approach and coach your classroom practice.

Cost: €360 (about £310 or $485)


In January/February each year, in our personal capacity, Roslyn, Piers and our colleague Carrie Terry moderate an online session called Teaching Pronunciation Differently for 5 weeks through EVO. We concentrate on what to do before teaching sounds (and therefore only make minimal use of the PronSci materials), but the theoretical background to the session is consistent with the PronSci approach. The link to the 2018 feedback is above.

We offer corporate training (for schools, universities, etc) anywhere in the world. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.